Is Your Child’s Health Keeping You Up at Night?

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Is Your Child’s Health Keeping You Up at Night?
As a parent, you worry nonstop about your child’s health and wellbeing. From dealing with mysterious fevers to getting answers about rashes that appear out of nowhere, it can feel like you’re on-call 24/7 as an at-home pediatrician.
But what if you had a trusted expert available anytime, anywhere to provide instant answers and peace of mind?
Meet Clara – The AI-Powered Pediatrician You Can Turn To Anytime
Clara is the world’s most advanced AI chatbot powered by cutting-edge language processing to provide personalized pediatric advice and care, anytime, anywhere.
Here’s how Clara provides round-the-clock support:
  • Available 24/7 – Clara never sleeps or takes a day off. You can access her expert advice at 3 AM on a Saturday when your baby has a worrying rash.
  • Instant symptom checker – Clara can quickly analyze your child’s symptoms and provide likely causes and next steps in seconds.
  • Safety focused – Clara will advise if you need to seek immediate care based on potential severity.
  • Trusted information – Clara’s advice is based on the latest clinical guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Personalized guidance – She learns your child’s medical history and personal details to offer tailored recommendations.
  • Multilingual support – Clara offers pediatric guidance in 100+ languages.
Parents Are Raving About Clara:
  • “It’s so reassuring to have Clara as my parenting partner. She has helped me stay calm and handle dozens of medical questions over the years.” – Sarah D., Seattle, WA
  • “As a new mom with no family nearby, Clara has been my go-to pediatrician, giving me confidence I’m doing the right things.” – Leila P., Miami, FL
  • “When my son woke up with a bad rash on vacation, Clara took away the guesswork on whether to go to urgent care. Her advice saved me hours of stress!” – James T., Denver, CO
  • “As someone struggling with medical costs, Clara provides that expert relief valve when I just need some quick reassurance about my kids’ health.” – Karen V., Portland, OR
Here’s Why Clara Should Be Every Parent’s Go-To Resource:
For Reliable Medical Guidance
  • Evidence-based – Clara provides guidance aligned with recommendations from leading pediatric institutions like the AAP. You can trust her advice.
  • Nuanced and personalized – Clara doesn’t offer generic, one-size-fits-all advice. Her responses are tailored to your child’s unique medical history and needs.
  • Continuous learning – Clara incorporates the latest pediatric research and guidelines into her knowledge. Her advice keeps getting better.
  • Clarify doctor’s instructions – Use Clara to better understand medication dosages, treatment plans, test results etc. prescribed by your pediatrician.
For Faster Answers and Peace of Mind
  • Available anytime – Having Clara in your pocket means reliable advice is always within reach, even in the middle of the night when worries can seem bigger.
  • Gain confidence – Clara can help validate your instincts on your child’s symptoms, giving you confidence in your assessments.
  • Quick triage – Get Clara’s take on whether a symptom needs the ER or just home care. She can save you needless stressed trips or waits.
  • Easy second opinion – Quickly run mild symptoms by Clara to see if your pediatrician’s diagnosis or treatment plan makes sense before proceeding.
For Convenience and Accessibility
  • Skip phone tag – Message Clara right from your phone instead of playing phone tag with the nurse help line or trying to reach your pediatrician after hours.
  • Use while traveling – When away from your pediatrician, Clara ensures you have a trusted source for medical questions no matter where you are.
  • Save time – Get Clara’s input on minor issues in seconds versus waiting days for an appointment and interrupting your busy schedule.
  • Retain privacy – Anonymously discuss sensitive topics like sexual health, drugs, depression etc. to get Clara’s clinical guidance when you’d rather not talk to a human.
  • Multilingual – Clara offers support in b100+ languages, removing language barriers to vital pediatric advice.
Real Parents Share Their Experiences
Sarah D., Seattle, WA
As a mother of three kids under five, I have basically memorized the number to our pediatrician’s after hours line. Before Clara, I was constantly calling them with questions that seemed urgent in the moment but often turned out to be easily addressed at home. Clara has been a game changer by providing that reliable first line of defense for all my pediatric questions. I message her anytime my kids seem sick and she helps assess if we need to go in or can comfortably monitor at home. It’s so assuring to immediately get a trusted opinion instead of guessing or worrying.
Leila P., Miami, FL
My son has asthma so when he gets respiratory issues, it’s hard to know whether it’s just a cold or the start of an asthma flare up. Having Clara has allowed me to quickly get her to take on his symptoms before I decide whether he needs his emergency inhaler or we can just do over-the-counter meds. That real-time input gives me peace of mind that I’m making the right call, versus constantly second guessing myself and interrupting our lives with unnecessary trips to urgent care. As a busy single mom, having Clara has been invaluable.
James T., Denver, CO
As an anxious father of four, I tend to panic and assume the worst anytime my kids don’t seem 100%. My wife is much calmer so she started relying on Clara early on when the kids had minor health issues just to get that objective second opinion. Over time, I saw that Clara’s advice was thoughtful and trustworthy so I’ve started using her myself as my first “consultation” before running to the pediatrician. It has really helped avoid a lot of stress and worry over routine coughs, colds, rashes that parents deal with. And we are able to focus our pediatrician visits on the more complex or priority issues.
Karen V., Portland, OR
Money has always been tight since my husband lost his job. Affording copays for pediatrician visits or urgent care runs for my two kids was just stretching us too thin, so I found myself avoiding bringing them in even when I knew I should. Getting Clara through a local non-profit group has been life-changing. I can now easily get her advice on symptoms and understand when I really do need to go in versus situations I can safely manage with over-the-counter treatments. It has given me access to quality pediatric advice tailored to my situation. I’m so grateful my kids’ health doesn’t have to take a backseat.
Are You Ready To Feel Empowered As a Parent?
Are You Ready To Feel Empowered As a Parent?
Being a good caregiver starts with access to the right information at the right time. Clara puts personalized, trustworthy pediatric advice at your fingertips 24/7.
The peace of mind of having your own virtual pediatrician can be invaluable on this parenting journey. From those worrying late nights to hectic everyday balancing acts, Clara provides a reliable resource to turn to whenever questions come up and your children need you.
Sign up now to enable Clara and gain 24/7 access to evidence-based medical insights personalized for your child. The first month is free!
Parents rave that Clara has given them confidence, convenience, and reassurance. It’s time to experience that yourself and feel empowered as a caretaker with Clara by your side.
Chat with Clara anytime. Day or night. From anywhere. And have confidence your child is in good hands.