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Front Office Automation
The front office at a bank interacts directly with customers. Automating these processes improves efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Open account onboarding
Open account onboarding
  1. Online account opening
  2. Digital signature collection
  3. ID verification automation
  4. Data validation and scrubbing
  5. Account origination
Here are some ways banks can automate the account opening and onboarding process:
Online Account Opening
  • Customizable account opening forms with smart fields
  • eSignature capture for agreements
  • Integrated ID verification checks
  • Real-time data validation and corrections
  • Immediate account number assignment
Digital Signature Collection
  • eSignature workflows tailored to each product
  • Authentication during signature process
  • Timestamping and external signature validation
  • Legally compliant audit trails
  • Secure storage for signed documents
ID Verification Automation
  • Data extraction from government IDs
  • Matching extracted data against forms
  • Facial recognition match to selfie photo
  • Authentication by knowledge-based questions
  • Checks against government databases
Data Validation and Scrubbing
  • Format standardization and corrections
  • Duplicate checking against existing databases
  • Outlier identification and flagging for review
  • Automated data completeness checks
  • Data enrichment from external sources
Account Origination
  • Automated account setup in core banking systems
  • Digital client profile creation
  • Collateral management and booking
  • Client onboarding notification triggers
  • Immediate account access provisioning
Sales and service
Sales and service
  1. Chatbots for basic inquiries
  2. Appointment scheduling bots
  3. Personalized marketing offers
  4. Cross-sell and upsell bots
  5. Automated outbound calling
Here are some ways banks can automate sales and service functions:
Chatbots for Basic Inquiries
  • Natural language AI chatbots on website and mobile apps
  • Integrations with core banking systems for account info
  • Secure authentication for accessing account details
  • Answering common questions on products, services, hours
  • Triaging complex issues to live agents
Appointment Scheduling Bots
  • AI chatbots or IVR systems for appointment booking
  • Integration with bank’s scheduling/calendar system
  • Notify customers of upcoming appointments via email/text
  • Send reminders and allow easy rescheduling/canceling
Personalized Marketing Offers
  • Analytics to build customer profiles and segment clients
  • Targeted campaigns based on interests and behaviors
  • Contextual offers across channels like email and mobile
  • Recommending relevant products to existing clients
Cross-sell and Upsell Bots
  • Chatbots suggest add-on products or higher tier of service
  • Next-best action models to offer most relevant product
  • Provide comparisons between current and suggested product
  • Simplify upgrade process if customer expresses interest
Automated Outbound Calling
  • AI system makes calls to customers for surveys or sales
  • Natural language conversations with speech recognition
  • Agent monitors and guides call with whisper coaching
  • Insights from call analytics to optimize scripts
Omni-channel Banking
Omni-channel Banking
  1. Integrating channels – online, mobile, call center
  2. Secure customer authentication across channels
  3. Transaction history across channels
Here are some examples of automating omni-channel banking:
Integrating Channels
  • Unified customer profile across web, mobile, branches
  • Omni-channel workflow with contextual hand-offs
  • Consistent product info and offers across channels
  • Shared CRM and account history across channels
Secure Customer Authentication
  • Single sign-on across web/mobile applications
  • Multi-factor authentication using biometrics
  • AI fraud detection working across channels
  • Blocking suspicious logins across channels
Transaction History Across Channels
  • Customers can view transaction history on all channels
  • Real time transaction syncing to customer profile
  • Interactive interfaces on web/mobile for transaction search
  • Relationship managers have holistic transaction view
  • Insights from analyzing transactions across channels
Additional Examples
  • Notifications consolidated across channels
  • Appointments booked on web reflected to branches
  • Changes to account alert settings sync across channels
  • New services enrollment reflected across channels
  • Marketing opt-ins, contact info updates consistent
  1. P2P payments
  2. Online bill pay
  3. Real-time payments processing
  4. Dispute management automation
Here are some examples of automating payment processes:
P2P Payments
  • APIs to connect bank accounts to third-party apps
  • Instant transfers between customer accounts
  • Send payment links via email or mobile
  • Chatbots to handle peer payment requests
Online Bill Pay
  • Scan bills and auto-populate payment info
  • Schedule recurring payments
  • Get bill reminders and confirmations
  • APIs to connect to biller payment systems
Real-Time Payments Processing
  • 24/7/365 real-time rails integration
  • Instant validation, clearing, and settlement
  • Straight-through payment processing
  • Real-time alerts and confirmations
Dispute Management Automation
  • Chatbots to handle common disputes
  • Workflow automation for research
  • Automated submission of disputes to networks
  • Case management tracking and notifications
  • Analytics to spot customer friction points
Additional Examples
  • Mobile wallets, P2M, C2B payment automation
  • Micro-payments and tokenization
  • Cross-border payments optimization
  • Reconciliation automation with rules engine
Back Office Automation
The back office handles internal bank processes. Automating these tasks reduces costs and errors.
  • Automated reconciliations
  • Transaction matching
  • Report generation
  • Expense management automation
Here are some examples of automating accounting processes:
Automated Reconciliations
  • Daily automated import of bank statements
  • Matching transactions with rules-based algorithms
  • Identifying mismatches and discrepancies
  • Workflow for managing exceptions
  • Audit trails for reconciliation reports
Transaction Matching
  • Importing transactions from multiple systems
  • Rules engine to match based on amounts, refs, dates
  • Automated booking after transaction matching
  • Reporting on unmatched transactions
Report Generation
  • Templates for commonly used reports
  • Automated data imports from accounting systems
  • Scheduled report delivery to stakeholders
  • Ad hoc report and visualization generation
  • Archiving reports in searchable repository
Expense Management Automation
  • Mobile app for submitting expenses
  • Automated policy compliance checking
  • Matching receipts to credit card transactions
  • Routing for electronic approval
  • Direct integration with accounting system
Risk Management
Risk Management
  • Automated credit checks
  • ID verification and KYC/AML compliance
  • Transaction monitoring for fraud
  • Risk modeling and simulations
Here are some additional ways banks can automate risk management functions:
Automated Credit Checks
  • Customizable decision engines for instant credit decisions
  • Continuous monitoring for credit portfolio risk
  • Early warning triggers based on credit deterioration
  • Automated loan loss provision calculations
  • Stress testing credit models and scenarios
ID Verification and KYC/AML Compliance
  • Watchlist screening of customers against sanctions lists
  • Network analytics to detect money laundering typologies
  • Unsupervised anomaly detection for suspicious behavior
  • Ongoing customer due diligence and risk rating
  • Automated SAR filing and case management
Transaction Monitoring for Fraud
  • Real-time tracking of transactions across channels
  • Peer group analysis to identify outliers
  • Link analysis for organized fraud detection
  • Card fraud monitoring with machine learning
  • Automated fraud alert handling workflows
Risk Modeling and Simulations
  • Credit risk models across products and segments
  • Models for liquidity risk, market risk, ops risk
  • Automated data collection for model inputs
  • Differential stress testing scenarios
  • Capital optimization based on model outputs
HR Management
HR Management
  • Automated onboarding
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Payroll processing
  • Performance reviews and goal tracking
Here are some ways banks can automate HR management processes:
Automated Onboarding
  • Digital onboarding portal for new hires
  • Integrations to collect paperwork and signatures
  • Automatic provisioning of accounts and access
  • Scheduling orientation sessions and training
  • Sending equipment and first day instructions
Benefits Enrollment
  • Online benefits selection with comparison tools
  • Integration with benefit providers to activate coverage
  • Automated confirmation statements
  • Life event change automation
  • Ongoing benefits education and prompts
Payroll Processing
  • Time and attendance integration
  • Automated tax calculations
  • Direct deposit setup and processing
  • Automated garnishment processing
  • Reporting and ledger integrations
Performance Reviews and Goal Tracking
  • Online performance review forms
  • Automated reminders for reviews
  • Real-time progress tracking for goals
  • Continuous feedback collection
  • Analytics to inform compensation and rewards
  • Contract management
  • Invoice processing
  • Budget tracking
  • Vendor management
Here are some ways banks can automate procurement and vendor management processes:
Contract Management
  • Centralized contract repository
  • Extract key terms and dates for tracking
  • Automated notifications for renewals
  • eSignature workflows for new contracts
  • Tracking contract compliance and performance
Invoice Processing
  • Digital invoice capture (email, portal)
  • Extract invoice data and validate
  • Invoice approvals workflow
  • Integration with accounts payable
  • Reporting on invoices and spend
Budget Tracking
  • Data imports from general ledger
  • Real-time dashboards on spending
  • Automated alerts on exceptions
  • Spend analysis across categories
  • Forecasting of expenditures
Vendor Management
  • Central vendor risk rating and homologation
  • Performance scorecards and ratings
  • Onboarding workflow for new vendors
  • Vendor portal for managing documents
  • Analytics on vendor concentration risk
Lending and Credit Automation
Automating lending and credit processes allows faster decisions and improved access to capital.
Loan origination
Loan origination
  • Online applications
  • Income/employment verification
  • Credit reports and scoring
  • Loan decisioning and pricing
Here are some ways banks can automate the loan origination process:
Online Applications
  • Customizable application forms with smart fields
  • eSignature capabilities for agreements
  • Integration with ID verification services
  • Auto-populated forms for returning customers
Income/Employment Verification
  • Integration with payroll providers for proof of income
  • Automated employment verification checks
  • Bank statement analysis for income patterns
  • Tax transcript analysis and retrieval
Credit Reports and Scoring
  • Real-time integration with credit bureaus
  • Automated credit report analysis and summaries
  • Risk-based pricing algorithms based on scores
  • Custom model creation for niche lending
Loan Decisioning and Pricing
  • Automated decision engines for instant decisions
  • Statistical models to evaluate risk factors
  • Waterfall approach with risk-based pricing
  • Generate loan documents with integrated data
Additional Examples
  • Automated collateral management
  • Digital disbursement of funds
  • STP loan booking and servicing set up
  • Secondary market sale automation
Loan servicing
Loan servicing
  • Payment processing
  • Late notices and collections
  • Customer service bots
Here are some examples of automating loan servicing processes:
Payment Processing
  • Automated payment receipt and posting
  • Real-time payment monitoring and alerts
  • API integration with core servicing systems
  • Exception handling for rejected or missed payments
Late Notices and Collections
  • Automated delinquency notifications workflow
  • Predictive models to prioritize collections
  • Speech analytics on collection calls
  • Workflow automation for collections treatments
  • Integration with dialers for calling campaigns
Customer Service Bots
  • Chatbots for handling common inquiries
  • Retrieving customer data from servicing systems
  • Payment rescheduling requests and confirmation
  • Transferring complex issues to agents
  • Automated payment reminders and status updates
Additional Examples
  • Automated escrow administration
  • Customer verification using biometrics
  • Loan modification modeling and processing
  • Automated foreclosure processing
  • Reporting and dashboard creation
Debt collection
Debt collection
  • Payment reminders
  • Resolution negotiations
  • Repayment scheduling bots
Here are some examples of automating debt collection processes:
Payment Reminders
  • Automated past due notifications via email, text, phone
  • Personalized reminder messages with account details
  • Ability for customer to discuss options with chatbot
  • Notifications aligned with collections strategy
Resolution Negotiations
  • Speech analytics insights on negotiation calls
  • AI chatbots equipped for settlement discussions
  • Link analysis to detect connected accounts
  • Automated settlement offer generation
  • Workflow tools for agent guidance and tracking
Repayment Scheduling Bots
  • Chatbots can modify repayment terms
  • Integration with core systems for real-time changes
  • Bots prompt for payment method confirmation
  • Automated issuance of new terms
  • Sync updated terms across channels
Additional Examples
  • Predictive prioritization models
  • Workflow automation for legal proceedings
  • Automated credit reporting updates
  • Virtual collections agent guidance
  • Call analytics and campaign optimization
Credit card operations
Credit card operations
  • Online account opening
  • Spending tracking tools
  • Customized offers and rewards
  • Fraud monitoring
Here are some examples of automating credit card operations:
Online Account Opening
  • Digital applications with smart form fields
  • Real-time approvals based on risk models
  • eSignature collection for agreements
  • Instant card provisioning and activation
Spending Tracking Tools
  • Transaction categorization and tagging
  • Personalized spend reports
  • Budgeting and projected payment tools
  • Alerts for unusual spending activity
Customized Offers and Rewards
  • Analytics on customer spend preferences
  • Targeted promotions based on spend history
  • Personalized reward program management
  • Real-time redemption options
Fraud Monitoring
  • Rules-based fraud triggers and alerts
  • Machine learning models to detect anomalies
  • Network analysis to identify organized fraud
  • Automated transaction holding for suspected fraud
  • Case management workflow automation
Additional Examples
  • Digital card management tools
  • Customizable CLI and repayment options
  • Automated dispute handling
  • ROI tracking on marketing campaigns
Investment and Wealth Management Automation
Automating investment workflows improves trade execution, reporting and advisory.
Account opening
Account opening
  • Digital onboarding and risk profiling
  • Paperless documentation
Here are some ways banks can automate investment account opening and onboarding:
Digital Onboarding and Risk Profiling
  • Online applications with eSignature
  • Interactive chatbots for investment profiling
  • Automated KYC and suitability checks
  • Instant account opening and confirmation
Paperless Documentation
  • Digitally signed forms and agreements
  • Electronic fact find questionnaires
  • Regulatory disclosures delivered online
  • Secure online vault for documents
Additional Examples
  • Automated data validation and scrubbing
  • Integration with CRM systems
  • Risk rating models for profiling
  • Automated account setup with custodians
  • Identity verification automation
  • Faster account opening turnaround time
  • Consistent customer experience
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Ability to scale digitally
  • Robo-advisors and trading algorithms
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Performance reporting
Here are some examples of automating trading and portfolio management processes:
Robo-Advisors and Trading Algorithms
  • Automated portfolio construction based on risk tolerance
  • Rebalancing algorithms to maintain target asset allocation
  • Tax-loss harvesting algorithms
  • Lower trading costs through algorithmic execution
Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Monitoring drift from target allocations
  • Rules-based rebalancing triggers and thresholds
  • Automated generation of rebalancing orders
  • Seamless execution across custodians
Performance Reporting
  • Automated data aggregation from custodians
  • Custom benchmarks and reporting dashboards
  • Client portal for on-demand analytics
  • Automated generation of client statements
  • Required disclosures and disclaimers
Additional Examples
  • Automated trade order generation
  • Compliance supervision algorithms
  • Client billing and invoicing automation
  • New asset onboarding workflows
  • Regulatory oversight protocols
  • Automated transaction monitoring
  • Fraud detection tools
Here are some examples of automating investment compliance processes:
Regulatory Oversight Protocols
  • Coded rules engines for restrictions checking
  • Watchlist screening for prohibited securities
  • Automated delivery of regulatory filings
  • Ongoing monitoring of advisor activities
Automated Transaction Monitoring
  • Surveillance for suspicious activities
  • Automated trade reconciliation processes
  • Exception management workflows
  • Archiving and eDiscovery for audit trails
Fraud Detection Tools
  • Activity profiling to detect anomalies
  • Network analysis for organized fraud
  • AI models to detect insider threats
  • Automated case creation and escalation
Additional Examples
  • Automated client outreach for information updates
  • Maintenance of restriction lists
  • Testing protocols for new regulations
  • Cybersecurity policy management
Automating compliance allows investment firms to scale operations while maintaining strong oversight and auditability.
Customer Service
Customer Service
  • Natural language chatbots
  • Speech recognition call routing
  • Personalized notifications and alerts
Natural Language Chatbots
  • Chatbots handle common queries on portal
  • Integrations to pull client data in real-time
  • Conversational AI to provide personalized support
  • Seamlessly transfer complex issues to agents
Speech Recognition Call Routing
  • AI recognizes client voice and verifies identity
  • Understand natural language requests
  • Retrieve client information for agent
  • Route call appropriately based on request
Personalized Notifications and Alerts
  • Event-driven alerts on portfolio changes
  • Customized performance metrics and benchmarks
  • Proactive notifications triggered by workflows
  • Preferred channel selection for notifications
Additional Examples
  • Virtual client assistants for advisors
  • Sentiment analysis on client interactions
  • Real-time alerting on market events
  • Omni-channel issue resolution workflows
Automating customer engagement allows highly personalized experiences.
Security and Compliance Automation
Automating security and compliance processes manages risk.
Security and Compliance Automation
Automating security and compliance processes manages risk.
Identity and Access Management
  • Biometric authentication
  • Access logging and auditing
  • Privilege oversight controls
Data Protection
  • Encryption of data at rest and in motion
  • Automated data classification
  • Backup and disaster recovery testing
Monitoring and Testing
  • Behavioral analytics for insider threats
  • Automated penetration testing
  • Security operations automation
Financial Crimes
  • Anti-money laundering monitoring
  • Fraud detection and response
  • Cyberthreat intelligence integration
Infrastructure Optimization
Automating IT infrastructure improves reliability and efficiency.
Infrastructure Optimization
Automating IT infrastructure improves reliability and efficiency.
Server Management
  • Automated provisioning
  • Configuration management
  • Performance monitoring
Network Operations
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Network traffic analytics
  • Capacity planning and scaling
Storage and Backup
  • Data deduplication
  • Automated failover
  • Backup monitoring
Cloud Management
  • Cost optimization
  • Automated resource scaling
  • Infrastructure monitoring
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
Automating data processes allows faster insights.
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
Automating data processes allows faster insights.
Data Warehousing
  • ETL pipelines
  • Schema management
  • Query optimization
  • Automated report generation
  • Ad hoc analysis and visualizations
  • Dashboards and KPI tracking
Predictive Analytics
  • Machine learning models
  • Statistical forecasting
  • Prescriptive recommendations
Customer Intelligence
  • Customer segmentation
  • Campaign management
  • Churn analysis
  • Growth opportunity analysis
Internal Audit Automation
Internal Audit Automation
  • Continuous auditing techniques
  • Automated control testing
  • Anomaly detection in transactions
  • Audit trail analysis
  • Automated report creation
Here are some ways banks can automate internal audit processes:
Continuous Auditing Techniques
  • Ongoing monitoring of transactions, logs, and data
  • Integration with rules engines to flag exceptions
  • Workflow automation for managing exceptions
  • Real-time dashboards and visualizations
Automated Control Testing
  • Scripted tests to validate functionality
  • Simulating transactions to test controls
  • Automated sample selection and execution
  • Tracking issues and remediation plans
Anomaly Detection in Transactions
  • Unsupervised ML models to detect outliers
  • Network analysis for suspicious patterns
  • Rules-based anomaly detection
  • Automated alerts and case management
Audit Trail Analysis
  • Collecting and centralizing audit logs
  • Automated trail reconstruction and visualization
  • Intelligent query and reporting capabilities
Automated Report Creation
  • Templates for audit reporting
  • Scheduling and distribution workflows
  • Data integration from upstream systems
  • Collaborative review and sign off
Treasury and Cash Management Automation
Treasury and Cash Management Automation
  • Cash positioning and forecasting
  • Liquidity analytics
  • Account reconciliation
  • Intercompany transaction matching
Here are some examples of automating treasury and cash management processes:
Cash Positioning and Forecasting
  • Aggregating cash holdings across accounts
  • Automated data feeds and reconciliation
  • Statistical forecasting models
  • Drill-down dashboards for insights
Liquidity Analytics
  • Monitoring cash flow needs
  • Stress testing liquidity requirements
  • Automated borrowing and lending recommendations
  • Tracking covenant compliance
Account Reconciliation
  • Daily automated reconciliation
  • Identifying and flagging mismatches
  • Workflow for managing reconciling items
  • Audit trail for reconciliations
Intercompany Transaction Matching
  • Automated extraction of transactions
  • Rules engine for transaction matching
  • Identifying and resolving exceptions
  • Automated intercompany settlement
Additional Examples
  • Treasury workstation integration
  • Automated cash sweeps
  • Regulatory reporting automation
  • Cash flow and NPV modeling
Core Banking Operations Automation
Core Banking Operations Automation
  • Customer information updates
  • Transaction processing
  • Payment operations
  • Account maintenance
  • Document digitization and archiving
Here are some examples of automating core banking operations:
Customer Information Updates
  • Change of address forms and workflows
  • Data validation and verification
  • Automated notifications to customers
  • Updates replicated across systems
Transaction Processing
  • Straight-through processing with automation
  • Automated reconciliation and exceptions workflow
  • Integrations with payment systems
  • Transaction validation rules engine
Payment Operations
  • Automatic payment file generation
  • Integrating real-time and batch payments
  • Hands-free processing with STP
  • Swift and securities operations automation
Account Maintenance
  • Consolidating tasks into workflows
  • Account modifications and changes
  • Automated account closure process
  • New product activation and setup
Document Digitization and Archiving
  • Scanning and extraction of documents
  • Intelligent data capture
  • Automated indexing and tagging
  • Secure cloud-based document repositories
Physical Security Automation
Physical Security Automation
  • Video analytics on CCTV feeds
  • Facial recognition for access control
  • Automated badge management
  • Location tracking for employees
Here are some ways banks can automate physical security processes:
Video Analytics on CCTV Feeds
  • Motion detection and activity analysis
  • Object and facial recognition
  • Anomaly detection for suspicious behavior
  • Searchable video archives with tagging
Facial Recognition for Access Control
  • Cameras to capture facial images
  • Verifying identities against employee database
  • Integration with physical access control system
  • Alerting on unauthorized access attempts
Automated Badge Management
  • Self-service badge printing/replacement
  • Automated access provisioning/revocation
  • Expiration and return reminders
  • Tracking badge holder access profiles
Location Tracking for Employees
  • GPS tags, RFID, indoor positioning tech
  • Real-time location visualization
  • Geofencing for access permissions
  • Reports on employee movements
Additional Examples
  • Automated visitor management
  • AI monitoring of security systems
  • Cybersecurity camera and system protections
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
  • Customer analytics and segmentation
  • Campaign creation and tracking
  • Personalized promotions
  • Email/SMS delivery
  • Advertising performance
Here are some examples of automating marketing processes:
Customer Analytics and Segmentation
  • Collecting customer data from CRM, transactions etc.
  • Behavioral analytics and predictive modeling
  • Automated scoring and persona segmentation
  • Targeting lookalike audiences
Campaign Creation and Tracking
  • Templates and DIY tools for campaigns
  • Drag-and-drop editors for content
  • Integrations with marketing channels
  • Real-time campaign analytics and optimization
Personalized Promotions
  • Individualized offers and messaging
  • Contextual recommendations to customers
  • Adaptive content based on interactions
  • Real-time decisioning for next-best action
Email/SMS Delivery
  • Integrated delivery platforms
  • A/B testing of messaging
  • Automated lead nurturing workflows
  • Triggered customer journeys
Advertising Performance
  • Automated keyword bid management
  • Programmatic ad buying with custom algorithms
  • Attribution modeling and optimization
  • Advertising performance dashboards
Customer Self-Service Automation
Customer Self-Service Automation
  • FAQ chatbots
  • Appointment scheduling bots
  • Secure customer verification
  • Account maintenance self-service
  • Dispute and claims submission
Here are some examples of automating customer self-service:
FAQ Chatbots
  • Natural language AI chatbots
  • Integration with FAQ knowledge bases
  • Secure customer authentication
  • Seamless handoff to agents when needed
Appointment Scheduling Bots
  • Chatbots or IVR for scheduling assistance
  • Integration with bank’s calendar systems
  • Automated confirmations and reminders
Secure Customer Verification
  • Biometric authentication such as voice, face
  • Knowledge-based authentication prompts
  • Consent-based data access permissions
Account Maintenance Self-Service
  • Online forms for address, contact changes
  • Automated workflow for documentation upload
  • Instant budgeting and reporting tools
Dispute and Claims Submission
  • Systematic dispute/claim intake over chatbot
  • Direct integration with back-end workflows
  • Real-time status tracking and notifications
Financial Planning Automation
Financial Planning Automation
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Budgeting and financial modeling
  • Customized retirement planning
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Tax strategy automation
Here are some examples of automating financial planning processes:
Cash Flow Analysis
  • Aggregating income, expenses, account data
  • Automated categorization of transactions
  • Cash flow dashboard and visualization
  • Projections based on statistical models
Budgeting and Financial Modeling
  • Intelligent forms to capture information
  • Automated validation and completeness checks
  • Financial calculations engine
  • Customizable templates for scenarios
Customized Retirement Planning
  • Client risk profiling and preferences
  • Automated data collection from accounts
  • Monte Carlo simulations for projections
  • Customizable plans and recommendations
Portfolio Optimization
  • Portfolio construction based on goals
  • Ongoing monitoring and rebalancing
  • Tax-aware strategies and loss harvesting
  • Personalized investment policy statement
Tax Strategy Automation
  • Retrieving tax documents required for filing
  • Recommending tax saving strategies
  • Estimated payments and filings automation
  • Integration with tax prep software
Corporate Banking Automation
Corporate Banking Automation
  • Onboarding workflow
  • Covenant compliance monitoring
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Portfolio risk analytics
  • Syndicated loan administration
Here are some examples of automating corporate banking processes:
Onboarding Workflow
  • Digital client onboarding portal
  • Automated collection of documentation
  • Data validation, KYC, AML checks
  • Client profile creation across systems
Covenant Compliance Monitoring
  • Data integration with covenants requirements
  • Automated financial spreading
  • Dashboard tracking of covenant metrics
  • Exceptions workflow triggers
Billing and Invoicing
  • Centralized database of fees and rates
  • Automated invoice generation
  • Digital invoice delivery and archival
  • Receivables reconciliation
Portfolio Risk Analytics
  • Workflow automation for participation
  • Management of investor info and allocations
  • Automation of interest, fee, principal payments
  • Loan servicing system integrations
Syndicated Loan Administration
  • Workflow automation for participation
  • Management of investor info and allocations
  • Automation of interest, fee, principal payments
  • Loan servicing system integrations